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Conditions Treated

Veterinarian holding cat in his right hand and dog in his left hand

Pet Wellness With Animal Health Group of Staten Island

Animal Health Veterinary Group proudly serves the greater Staten Island areas with two locations for your convenience. We are committed to getting to know your pet to help prevent illness from occurring. Pet wellness begins with seeing us for regular visits to keep your pet in tip-top health. When illness does occur, or your pet experiences an emergent condition, our veterinarian is your source. 

If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please call us now at our Castleton Ave location at  718.448.3680 or our Hylan Blvd location at 718.980.6491. 

Conditions We Treat At Animal Health Group

Pet illness can pop up unexpectedly in otherwise healthy pets. If your pet just does not seem to be themselves, is experiencing fatigue, their appetite changes or bathroom habits change, please give us a call to be sure everything is ok with your pet. 

Pet allergies

With environmental pollutants on the rise, so are pet allergies. You may notice your pet experiencing sneezing, wheezing and even coughing. Your pet may scratch, lick or bite at their skin and fur potentially indicating an allergy. Because allergies cause stress to the immune system, we take them very seriously. If you suspect your pet is experiencing allergies, we can suggest certain medications, non-allergenic foods, and nutritional supplements shampoos. 


An elevated core temperature can be fatal for a pet. Hyperthermia can affect otherwise healthy pets but may affect those with cardiovascular issues or that are obese more. If you suspect heatstroke, please immediately call us. Heatstroke should be taken very seriously as many pets sadly die each year due to this preventable condition. Our vet can help treat heatstroke by quickly cooling your pet and administering fluids containing vitamins and minerals. 

Urinary Obstruction

Is your pet not going to the bathroom suddenly? Are they toileting in unusual places? Many pet owners are confused by this and in some cases may attempt to punish a pet for improper toileting. Your pet may, however, be experiencing a kidney or bladder infection and in some cases could be experiencing a tumor. While it may be a simple urinary tract or kidney infection, please call us for a visit immediately if your pet's bathroom habits change so we can treat urinary obstruction. 

Ticks & Fleas

Our vet offers pets flea and tick prevention medicine that is easily administered. When pets do experience fleas, we suggest treating them immediately to prevent infestation and discomfort. If you think your pet has experienced contact with a tick, please call us immediately to be sure the tick is safely removed. During tick season, it may be a good idea to leave your furry friend at home, foregoing family hikes in the woods.

Schedule an Appointment With Animal Health Group, Your Local Veterinarian Clinic

We are here for all of your pet care needs, from everyday wellness to serious health concerns and even surgical procedures. We look forward to seeing you soon. Please call our Castleton Ave location at  718.448.3680 or our Hylan Blvd location at 718.980.6491. 

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New clients receive a 20% discount off of the first Office Exam.

Sign-up using the form or call us at 718.448.3680 (Castleton Ave. Office) or 718.980.6491 (Hylan Blvd. Office) to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

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