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Heartworm and Parasite Protection with our Staten Island Veterinarians

Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms -- including the deadly heartworm -- may be an unpleasant subject, but allowing these creatures to literally feed off of your pet is even more unthinkable. If you want to protect your pet against the devastating health problems caused by heartworm and other parasitic infestations, turn to the experienced team here at Animal Health Veterinary Group for the essential treatment and preventative care your pet needs.

Dogs enjoying their time outside Heartworm & Parasite free.

How These Unwanted Intruders Harm Your Pet

Parasites are creatures that "borrow" nutrients or other essentials from host animals. Pets may host internal and/or external parasites. Digestive worms such as tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms and roundworms take up residence in the digestive tract; these creatures can cause severe malnutrition, diarrhea, and internal damage. Tapeworms are actually introduced into your pet via another parasite, the flea, through the flea's bite. Fleas and ticks also transmit numerous other serious diseases, while a serious flea infestation can cause dangerous degrees of anemia in cats.

Perhaps the most dreaded parasitic infestation of all is heartworm. These long, slender worms enter your bite's body through mosquito bites while still in larval form. They mature in the heart and lungs, eventually causing severe respiratory issues and cardiopulmonary failure in dogs. Cats usually have fewer heartworms than dogs, but they can experience sudden death from the inflammatory reaction that occurs when these worms die inside their bodies.

Parasite Prevention and Treatment

De-worming is a critical step for puppies and kittens, especially since they may have received digestive worms from their mothers. Preventative medication plans can help keep your pet from getting worm infestations. Heartworm preventatives often take care of other worms as well. Preventing heartworm is particularly crucial because these infestations ca be very difficult to treat in dogs -- and impossible to treat in cats.

Our clinic can keep your pet free of external parasites as well as the internal variety. Again, preventative medications, usually in the form of monthly topical applications or oral drugs, can prevent flea and/or tick infestations; many of them also have an effect against worms. Any veterinarian on our team can recommend a potent preventative, or combination of preventatives, to keep your beloved pet safe. Make sure you administer every monthly dose to your pet right on schedule.

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Don't let dangerous parasites such as heartworm hitch a ride at your furry friend's expense. Call our veterinarians in Staten Island, NY, at either of our offices, to get your pet checked for parasites and start them on a program of preventative care! 

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