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Senior and Adult Pet Care in Staten Island

Adult pets tend to be healthy, strong and able to heal quickly from injuries and illnesses. However, as pets move from middle adulthood into their senior years, they often need more medical care in order to maintain good quality of life. As a pet owner, it's important for you to understand the issues that pets face as they age. With preventative care, vaccinations and other standard medical treatments, you can help improve your pet's quality of life and extend your pet's lifespan.

senior pet being cared for by veterinarian in staten island

Preventative Care from Your Pet's Bayonne Veterinarian

Preventative care is the key to helping your adult pet stay healthy. At Animal Health Group, we offer a range of preventative services for pets in the community.

  • Vaccinations. Our vaccinations will help build your pet's immunity to illnesses and common diseases. Adult pets who have already been vaccinated need to get regular booster shots to help them maintain immunity.

  • Wellness examinations. Wellness examinations are like checkups. During these exams, your pet's veterinarian will check your pet's skin, coat, eyes, ears, mouth, breathing and heart beat. If your pet's veterinarian discovers a health problem during a wellness exam, the vet will recommend treatment to help your pet recover. Middle-aged pets typically only need to see the vet for wellness exams once per year, but older pets often need to see the vet twice per year. Your pet's vet will let you know how often to bring your pet to the veterinarian.

  • Nutrition counseling. We offer nutrition services to help your older pet maintain a healthy weight. Senior pets require less protein than younger pets, so you may need to change your pet's diet over time. We'll let you know what kind of diet to feed your pet, and when to make changes.

Pets Need Special Care as They Age

It's important to keep your pet comfortable and healthy while at home. Your pet may develop conditions like arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Accommodating these problems is an important part of helping your pet maintain good quality of life. Some of the things you can do to hep your pet include:

  • Move your pet's bed to a more easily reached location.

  • Give your pet a fluffier, softer bed (in case your pet's joints have become stiff and painful).

  • Feed your pet a special diet tailored to his or her needs.

  • Give your pet light to moderate exercise to help him or her keep off the weight.

  • Play with your pet regularly to keep your pet's mind engaged.

Contact Your Pet's Animal Hospital in Staten Island

As your pet's Staten Island and Bayonne veterinarian, we can help your pet avoid problems like heart disease and kidney disease. Whether your pet is middle aged and healthy, or older and facing health challenges, we offer diagnostics and treatment for a variety of conditions. To get your adult or senior pet medical care, contact us.

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