Dog Vaccine Packages

Animal Health Veterinary Group

Dog Packages

(more than 6 months old)

Just the Basics Package


Rabies Vaccine

Bordetella Vaccine

DA2PP (5 in 1) Vaccine

Fecal Analysis

Heartworm Test



No Rabies: $126

No DA2PP: $126

With 3yr Rabies: $165

With 3yr DA2PP/No Rabies: $165

No Rabies/No DA2PP: $121

Depending on your puppy’s lifestyle, additional vaccine options are available to be added to the “Just the Basics” Package!

Grooming and Kennel Package ADD ON

Influenza Vaccine (H3N2 & H3N8): additional $45

Outdoor Lifestyle Package ADD ON

Leptosporosis Vaccine: additional $30

Lyme Vaccine: $45

Additional Package Options

**Accuplex 4 Test (screening test for tick-borne diseases and heartworm disease): additional $45

**Any additional blood tests

**Flea/Tick Preventative

**Heartworm Preventative