Toxic Ingestion

Toxic Ingestion Treatment

Even if your pet has always displayed something of a cast-iron stomach, ingesting even small quantities of the wrong substance can place his life in peril. Pets can be poisoned by an amazingly wide range of toxins, from household cleaners to plants and foods. Fortunately, you’ve got friends at Animal Health Veterinary Group and our Staten Island veterinarians are experienced in making prompt diagnoses and administering lifesaving care.

Common Pet Toxins

You may not realize it, but your pet is surrounded by toxins on a daily basis. Many of the substances keep in our households can cause serious illness or death if a curious pet consumes them. Common pet toxins include:

  • Medications – Both pet medications (including flea and tick preventatives) and medications meant for humans can be highly toxic.
  • Household products – Cleansers, varnishes, automotive fluids, and other household products can kill animals. A tiny puddle of antifreeze (which has a sweet smell/taste to pets) in the driveway or garage floor can have deadly effects.
  • Human foods – Many of your family’s favorite foods and beverages can spell trouble for the family pet. Examples include caffeinated products, chocolate, avocado, garlic, onions, grapes, and raisins, as well as the non-sugar sweetener xylitol.
  • Outdoor toxins – Garden plants such as philodendron, lilies and tulips can be toxic if ingested. The insecticides you use to keep your lawn and garden healthy can also prove very unhealthy to your pet.

Prompt, Lifesaving Care from Your Veterinarian in Staten Island

How do you recognize the signs of toxic ingestion in pets? Your pet may appear disoriented or wobbly on his feet, drool, suffer a seizure, breathe heavily, or experience diarrhea and vomiting. If you suspect that your pet has ingested a toxin, try to identify what he might have gotten into and bring a sample of it to our veterinarian in Staten Island, NY. Don’t try to induce vomiting, since this may allow a corrosive substance to do even more damage.

As soon as your pet enters our clinic, our team will run fast, efficient and accurate diagnostic routines to determine exactly what your pet consumed and what needs to be done. In some cases, we will administer emetics (drugs that induce vomiting); in others, we may administer activated charcoal to neutralize the toxin. If the emergency occurs outside our office hours, we’ll refer you to Greater Staten Island Veterinary Services for immediate care.

When Trouble Strikes, Our Vet Clinic Can Help

It can be a dangerous world out there, but Animal Health Veterinary Group can help your pet in times of trouble. If you are concerned that your pet has ingested a toxic substance, our Staten Island vets are here to help.