Dr. Antonio Miele

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Dr. Antonio Miele graduated with Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Peter’s College in 1972. Following his love for animals, he graduated from the University of Naples, Italy, with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in 1980. Dr. Miele’s first year of his veterinary career was spent working at Yonkers and Meadowlands Raceway, and he subsequently worked in small animal practices in the New York City area. In 1985, Dr. Miele opened his first animal hospital in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. His innovative concept of a team approach in the formation of animal hospitals let to the coining of the term veterinary groups, which sought to stress the team concept.

Founded with the purpose of creating a team of highly trained individuals, each with different strengths, the group fostered an atmosphere for individuals to work collectively and synergistically, leading to the creation of practices offering diverse and specialized services. This group concept was so successful that Dr. Miele, along with his partners and associates, opened 14 other hospitals in the New York City area.

Dr. Miele’s dreams of returning to the country where he was trained were realized in 2005 with the opening of the Ospedale Veterinario Ardeatino 24 ore in Rome, Italy. His group approach to veterinary medicine made the Italian hospital one of a kind, a fusion of the Italian and American cultures of medicine, technology, and management. The collaboration and exchanges, both medical and cultural, have already benefited the veterinarians and the patients on both sides of the Atlantic. A television reality show, Pet Hospital will air next fall on Italian Fox TV, featuring the staff of the GVR (Gruppo Veterinario Romano). With the addition of the Ospedale Ardeatino, the intercultural exchange of language and medicine has finally found a bridge.

Dr. Miele has received numerous accolades including the Metropolitan New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Veterinarian of the year award, New York Veterinary Medical Society’s Presidential Citation as well as the first Brody award given by the Center for Animal Care and Control. He has served on many executive boards including the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, New York City and State Veterinary Societies. Continuing his passion for living and working on both sides of the ocean, Dr. Miele is a lecturer at his Alma Mater, the University of Naples, lecturing on Business Management.