At Animal Health Group, we want every animal on Staten Island to have access to the healthcare they need to thrive. We know veterinary costs can add up, so we make it easier for local families to meet their pets’ basic preventative health care needs. Every Staten Island veterinarian in our hospital group is passionate about providing low-cost care for pets, including pet vaccines, spay and neuter surgeries, wellness exams, and other essential services. We offer this care at budget-friendly prices during our special pet clinics, which are designed to make vet care more accessible for everyone.

Does your puppy or kitten need their first round of vaccines? Is your older pet due for a checkup? If you’re on a budget, your pet shouldn’t have to skip these important medical milestones. We may have special dates set aside for relevant clinics, so check out our low-cost options. During these pet clinics, we charge lower prices for our regular veterinary services for qualifying patients. At Animal Health Veterinary Group, we’re proud to offer the following pet clinics for your convenience:

Our Spay & Neuter Clinic

Spaying and neutering are the most common, routine procedures we perform, but they’re also among the most important, so we’re happy to offer them at lower costs at our Staten Island animal hospital. We encourage every pet owner to schedule a spay or neuter surgery for their unaltered pets, and the sooner you can schedule it, the better. Spaying and neutering prevent overpopulation, but it also has health and behavioral benefits for your pet, and these benefits are greatest if they get the surgery before reaching sexual maturity.

Our spay and neuter clinic price includes a free pre-surgical exam the day before the operation, as well as post-op pain medications and antibiotics if necessary. We spay and neuter dogs and cats, but our low-cost services are only available to dogs under a year old, so act quickly to get your pup spayed or neutered at a low price. Our goal is to make a serious dent in pet overpopulation on Staten Island while lowering health risks for our patients and costs for their owners.

Our Pet Vaccines Clinic

Regular pet vaccines are your pet’s best defense against devastating diseases like rabies and distemper. Because we want your pets to be protected, we bundle our core pet vaccines into low-cost packages that make it easier to afford the full schedule. Every vaccine package also includes a full, comprehensive exam from a Staten Island veterinarian. Is your pet unprotected? Explore our pet vaccine clinic options, including special packages for dogs and cats with different lifestyle needs. For example, our cat and kitten vaccine packages include various levels of diagnostic and preventative care, with additional options like leukemia and AIDS test, the heartworm test, and the kitten rabies vaccine. Our dog vaccines and puppy vaccines are packaged to keep dogs at different risk levels protected. Pick a package that corresponds to your dog’s lifestyle, from trips to the groomer to play dates at outdoor dog parks.

Our Wellness Clinic for Adult and Senior Pets

Just like people, pets face more health risks as they age, and it’s important for their medical team to be aware of any changes and keep track of their overall wellness. All pets need thorough examinations at least once a year, which should include physical checkups, blood tests, fecal and urine tests, and general X-rays. Fortunately, we offer low-cost health screenings for adult pets of all ages, including senior pets who need more comprehensive health exams.

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