Pet Vaccines

Vaccination Packages

Animal Health Veterinary Group, your local full-service animal clinic on Staten Island, offers affordable vaccine packages for dogs and cats. 

Appointments are preferred but we do accept walk-in patients.

All vaccine packages include a FULL comprehensive physical exam (not usually found in low-cost vaccine clinic facilities) including medical recommendations if needed*.

Having your pets fully vaccinated aids in the prevention of disease transmission to dogs or cats living in highly urban areas on Staten Island.

Annual fecal floats are included in your vaccine package so please be sure to bring your pet’s fecal sample with you to your appointment. Annual fecal float tests are important as approximately 30% of household plants or garden soil have parasites that your pet can contract and depend on the type of parasite, transmit to humans.

As part of the vaccination package, dogs will also have a heartworm test and is included in the package pricing. It is imperative that your dog has annual heartworm testing and dogs and cats should be on a monthly heartworm preventative. Heart worm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and is potentially fatal and extremely expensive to treat. Heartworm disease is NOT treatable in cats and very difficult to diagnose, so prevention is that much more important.

Call for details! Many Other Package Options Are Available!

ALL Kittens must have a Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS Blood test! Feline Leukemia is very contagious and very deadly. Allow us to help keep your kitties safe and secure!

*Only healthy pets will be vaccinated as determined by the veterinarian. Medical conditions will not be treated during the vaccine clinic. If your pet has a medical condition that needs to be treated, an appointment will need to be made during regular business hours otherwise normal fees will be applied.

Vaccination Package Pricing

While vaccines are bundled for cost savings, vaccines are invoiced for what was administered at the time of the visit. This means vaccine boosters are charged separately from initial doses.

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